Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Singapore Potpourri at SGSS

I WAS the head of a cow in "Singapore Potpourri" staged by SGSS for a school competition (I think it was part of National Day celebrations). Various primary schools took part in this at the National Theatre (now demolished).

If I remember correctly, the concept was to depict a typical market square in Singapore then (the 60s). When the music from Persian Market sounded, various "hawkers" made their appearance (including the kacang putih man), with some cultural dances in between. Then the music from the movie Hatari (starring John Wayne and Doris Day) sounded, the signal for the farmer to bring out his cows. (Actually looking back, not sure whether cows were a common sight at markets, but nevermind, there's such a thing as poetic license.)

The "cows" danced their way out from behind the curtains to the centre of the stage. The "head" (me) would then start to munch grass, swaying slightly from side to side. Behind me, under "cow  cover" (like a lion dance) would be the backside, another student crouched low.

There were two cows for this act. During one rehearsal at the basketball court of the school, the cows got bored while waiting for their turn and decided to race each other in the muddy field. And were duly subdued when the teacher gave a lashing for getting the cow costumes all muddied.

Can't remember whether we won any prizes. But we certainly had lots of fun staging Singapore Potpourri!

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