Sunday, 12 July 2015

So swanky

Would like to take a look some day, especially to browse around at Marimekko, the Finnish store with more than 60 years of history. Pic taken 11 July 2015. Again, an extremely hot, sweaty day. 
SO, this is the new Capitol Piazza. So swanky. It looks like a place I shouldn't enter with my grubby t-shirt, shorts and slippers.

Hmm, maybe another day. But definitely would like to go in and take a look. (Should also explore the new underpass connection from the City Hall MRT -- as I am usually on this side of the road, unless I take the walk from Chinatown to Stamford Road using New Bridge Road, then Hill Street.)

Many years ago, in my current grubby attire, I've browsed happily at the Gramophone shop where Capitol Centre used to stand (before it became Capitol Piazza). Many people have reminisced before on how they missed this shop stocked from wall to wall with CDs. (I have not tried this, but apparently you can ask them for any obscure piece of music you are hunting for and they would have an answer for you.) Anyway, I have not been buying CDs for a long time.

Well, I'll see you, Marimekko.

Postnote: My friend and I did cross over from City Hall to Capitol Piazza on a Saturday. Was not impressed by Marimekko. In particular, not impressed by the sales girl who followed us from one display to another, prating on about the items but not offering much insights beyond what we could see for ourselves (for example, they are available in red, green, etc). We did spot a very nice two seater sofa and in jest asked her how much it was going for. She looked at us stunned and curtly said it was not for sale. Oh well, she couldn't take a joke. But facing Marimekko was Oriole where the waffles were extremely nice, and the service was great too.


streetsing said...

In the sixties it was a carpark with single story shop houses. Capitol theatre was where I watched horror movies like Dracula and Salems lot. It was so scary.

Lo Tien Yin said...

I didnt know that it was a carpark before. Oh yes, watched countless movies there, like Born Free, Sound of Music, Poseidon Aventure, Towering Inferno, and all the Dracula movies. I love the old Dracula movies!

streetsing said...

Yes it was a carpark, the metallic National showroom was next to it. Christopher Lee the best dracula actor passed away recently :(

Lo Tien Yin said...

Now that u mentioned National showroom, i vaguely remember. Peter Cushing is good too.

streetsing said...

Yes they were good actors. I remember watching dracula with my elder brother and sis in law, the show was so popular had to seat on another row by myself. I was just a boy then, it was so frightening I sat Vert close to the couple besides me. So embarrassing :(

Lo Tien Yin said...

I also went for a few shows with my eldest bro and (then ) future sis in law:)