Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Take the red brick road

When you are at Club Street (below), walk into this nice red-brick road. 

You will see this white gable with nice windows.

Follow the red brick road and you will come to Ann Siang Hill. 

The red brick road becomes a white cemented path before you reach a nice park with shady trees and wooden benches. 

Many quaint and interesting walls for you to photograph. 

As you proceed along the park, you'll see a patch of green that's fenced. There must once be a pond there as you will see a lone lotus among the lush green leaves.
  Postnote: Whoops, this isn't a lotus but a banana flower. (So much for my conjecture that there was a pond there.) Found out the real  name of the flower while taking a walk at Botanic Gardens today (16 Aug). Here's the short brief on the flower (taken off the plate at Botanic Gardens, near the Ginger Garden):

Then you see this wall of stacked aircons.

Which is actually the side wall of PS Cafe.

The cafe is next to a boardwalk that will take you out to Amoy Street on one end, and to another walk where you can take a look at the "last" well in Chinatown.

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