Monday, 6 July 2015

Little stressful moments

These stories are purely fictional and bear no reference to anyone :)

The stressed investment banker
(Live interview on radio)
"Essentially, I think we will be seeing some major upheavals in the market ahead... But essentially, there will be light at the end of the tunnel... Essentially...."

(At home)
"Dear, I think you had like 10 mentions of  'essentially'..."

The stressed PR
(Live interview on radio)
"So tell us, what can we expect at the opening?"

"Expect the unexpected, hahaha."

"Could you tell us more, what are some of the new lines ABC will be rolling out?"

"Yes,  we have new products that will ah, wow our customers... Everyone in fact... They will be... Unexpected..."

(At home)
"Dear, I thought you have had all your replies written out. Why don't you just read from the script?"

The stressed scientist
(Live interview on radio)
"The best thing that has come out of a lab for women, a face mask which claims to make age spots and wrinkles vanish almost overnight. Dr Creme, does this face mask really work?"

 "Yes, we have tested it on 100, well, actually 108 women in Asia. And they have reported more than 80 per cent improvement, 82 per cent to be precise."

"In layman's language, can you explain to us how this face mask work? Dr Creme... Dr Creme, are you still with us?"

*Rustling of papers and then silence.*


streetsing said...

Its the job of the investment banker to smooth the ruffled feathers of the client. Even when the sky is about to fall and the client about to loose his pants, the answer will be, what comes down must go up essentially :(

Lo Tien Yin said...

Happy u read my nonsensical story:)