Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Lady Precious Stream at SGSS

I WAS the maid in Lady Precious Stream for a concert at SGSS. I only needed to say "Yes, my lady" (twice, throughout the whole play). And to remember not to face my back to the audience.

Even for that, I had to be made up. The lipstick was hard and smelled stale. My eyebrows were overly drawn -- making me the fiercest of maids in the kingdom. As for the costume, it wasn't a problem as I could wear the floral samfoo which I already owned as a member of the Lantern Dance (another item for another event).

Not sure what happened. I was supposed to Lady Precious Stream at first... but the teacher decided that one of my classmates (who was rather fat, but could really act well) should play the main role.

No difference for me... I was thrilled to be the maid. And only two lines to remember.

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