Thursday, 16 July 2015

New view for Stamford Raffles

Sir Stamford Raffles, the statue at the front of Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall, looks out to a changing landscape -- all shrouded up. All pics taken on 11 July 2015. 
TODAY, the statue of Sir Stamford Raffles looks out to the sea in the distance -- and a "ship" (but not the Indiana which brought him to Singapore in 1819). To get this same perspective of Singapore, take the red brick road from Canton Street.

Walk through Canton Street to Boat Quay.

Have a break at McDonald's if you need.

Then proceed. To your left, it's Boat Quay. To your right, Fullerton Hotel (below). 

At Cavenagh Bridge,  a clear view of what used to be a narrow food alley that was always jam-packed during lunch (when Singapore River was still rather smelly).

Follow the bridge and you will eventually see the old Parliament House.

On the day I was there, there was a rehearsal for National Day at the Padang. So you can see this tank parked here, waiting for its turn.


streetsing said...

The Sir Stamford Raffles statue was originally in front of the Victoria Memorial Hall, I remember we had a primary school excursion here way back in the sixties, it was an enjoyable outing :)

Lo Tien Yin said...

The statue is still there. It's just that the area around the statue is changing a little.

streetsing said...

You be surprised the original black statue of Sir Stamford Raffles once stood in the middle of the Padang. The present white statue is a cast of the original black statue. After the padang, the black statue was placed in front of the Victoria Memorial Hall not the present location. The present white statue was placed later at what was believe to be the site of the landing of Sir Stamford Raffles:)

Lo Tien Yin said...

Yes, the statue was moved a few times... Anyway, this one in the picture is the one that is outside Victoria Theatre, not the one near the riverside. I walked through the concert hall and "landed" at this spot where you see the statue :)