Thursday, 2 July 2015

A round worm at SGSS

WE studied how various types of parasites can enter our body and make us ill -- during science lessons. But it was in the middle of a history class one afternoon, that we had a real life demonstration.

One of my classmates who was sitting in front, suddenly leaned over and vomited (seemingly in disgust over what Emperor Shih Huang Ti had done -- burning books and burying his subjects live). She was real skinny -- easily the skinniest among us all.

All of us were awed to see something wriggling on the floor where she vomited. Spencer (the outspoken one and the one who claimed he was chased by a bull near SGSS), asked, "Sir, is it a worm?"

The teacher who was a little speechless at first, said hesitantly (more bent on not alarming the poor girl than being factual), "No, no, it's not a worm... "

He then went to call for the sweeper to get the disgusting thing out of the classroom.

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